10 Most Controversial Failure of WWE Diva

Most Controversial Failure of WWE

Watching WWE isn't generally fun. Tragically, the show wrestlers have against each other don't generally turn out well as far as entertainment. Also, in case we're looking at disappointing minutes in WWE, there are surely a great deal of them including the ladies wrestlers. Read on!

10. Wrestle Mania 30 Disaster

Wrestle Mania It was a truly dreadful match including each WWE diva. You could truly observe who among the divas couldn't wrestle properly.

9. Vickie Guerrero

Vickie Guerrero As much as each WWE fan appreciates Eddie Guerrero, there truly wasn't anything tremendous about Vickie Guerrero as a WWE entertainer.

8. Melina's Split Fail

Melina's Split Fail At whatever point Melina enters the ring, she generally does a brilliant split. Be that as it may, she failed it to do properly amid Survivor Series.


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