10 Eyeliner Mistakes Which You Never Knew

Eyeliner Mistakes

Eyeliner is one of the trickier cosmetics items out there. Utilize excessively, and you wind up with raccoon eyes. Make uneven lines, and it would seem that you were doing your cosmetics oblivious. Utilize the wrong item, and it smircesh, spreads, and makes these stunning minimal dim undereye circles. To put it plainly, it's entirely irritating.

Be that as it may, when connected accurately, eyeliner can make your eyes look greater, more extensive, and more ready. It can upgrade the shade of your eyes and make your entire face pop. The main issue is the thing that I specified before – it's anything but difficult to foul it up. Need to take in the idiot proof approach to apply eyeliner? Here are 10 eyeliner botches you never knew you were making, and how to settle them.

You are lining Your Whole Eye



You're putting eyeliner around your whole eye, on both upper and lower covers. This right away makes your eyes look littler and can overpower eyes that are now on the littler side.

What To Do Instead:

Apply eyeliner on the external piece of the upper lash line, keeping away from the lower lash line altogether. This will right away make your eyes look greater and more alert. On the off chance that you need to put something on your lower cover, do the waterline of the external piece of your lower lash line, however not the whole thing. It will look significantly more characteristic.

There's A Gap That Shouldn't Be There

eye gap


You're leaving a crevice between your lashes and your eyeliner. This is a truly regular error, in light of the fact that many people don't draw sufficiently near to their lash line.

What To Do Instead:

Have a go at tightlining your eyes. Leaving a crevice between your liner and your lashes looks somewhat odd and it winds up noticeably clear that you're wearing eyeliner. When you tightline, not exclusively does it look more common, it likewise makes your lashes look longer. Hold the pencil level along your lash line, and get as close as you can.

It's Not Sharp Enough



You hold up a couple days or even over seven days to hone your pencil, frequently just doing as such when it gets down to the stub.

What To Do Instead:

Frequently hone your pencil. A few people prescribe honing it each time you utilize it. A honed point guarantees more exact application and is considerably less demanding to work with.

You're Putting Liquid Liner In The Wrong Spot

Liquid Liner


You're utilizing fluid liner as though it were pencil liner and applying it to your lower lash line.

What To Do Instead:

Fluid eyeliner is strong and it's a lot for the lower lash line. It likewise may smear less demanding there. In case will put liner on your lower lash line, ensure it's pencil and not fluid.


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