12 Reasons To Believe That Kylie Jenner Got A Front Job

Try to look past Kylie Jenner's lips for a moment if you can.

I know it is difficult, but please try. You will notice that her lips have changed a lot over the time. Now, scroll her picture a little lower and you'll come across a different part of her body that got bigger than before. Yes! I am talking about her front. Are they real?

Kylie claims they are 100 percent natural. Take a look at these pictures that are telling a different story.

1. Kylie 2 years ago.

This photo of Kylie was clicked in November 2015.

2. Questions Mount

Shared on August 2016. This is the picture which makes folks wondering about her front job.

3. Happy New Year....

This was the first picture Kylie shared in 2017. You can notice the difference between a picture from November 2015 and this one.

4. Ogle Me

Just focus on my chest! Here, let me help! I'll turn away completely!

Wait! There are more pics to believe Kylie Jenner Got a B00b job. Just click "Next" below:


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