13 Asian Hacks That Are Worth Adopting

Asian Hacks

Some of the Best Life Hacks like putting a wet cell phone in a bag of rice or using a tea bag to remove odor from shoes came from Asia. Some of these hacks are so useful that we often use them.

We decided to share some more hacks from Asia that are simple are really work.

Eat chips with chopsticks to keep your hands clean.

Eat chips with chopsticks

Trick to know if a pair of jeans fits you without even trying.

You can know if a pair of jeans fits you by wrapping it around your neck. If end meets, it will fit you. It is believed that neck girth is half of your waist.

An air condition made from ice bottle and fan.

Not every person in Asian country can afford AC. So, they improvised and developed their extremely low budget AC at home.

Lemon juice and salt to protect apple slice from browning.

Use steam to get wrinkle free clothes.


It is not always possible to iron your clothes in morning. Simply hang them in your bathroom while you are taking a steam shower. It will de-wrinkle clothes.

Team leaves remove the smell from refrigerator.

Refrigerator start smelling with time. To avoid this put some tea leaves in your fridge. It will absorb any odor.


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