6 Simple Ways to Remove Dust and Dirt From Your Computer

Remove Dust

No matter how hard we try, we can't protect our computer from dust. Dust from air starts settling on our system as soon as we clean it. Actually, we can't do much to prevent this from happening. But you can clear your computer quickly with these easily available items.

1. Wipe the screen with microfiber.


The easiest way we use to clean our computer is a paper tough or rough cloth. Using this method does work, but a lot of lint falls down and get stuck in the keyboard. To protect this from happening, only use a microfiber cloth for cleaning the monitor.

2. Remove dirt from the case.

Remove dirt

Most glass cleaning products have alcohol, ammonia, or acetone as their ingredients. These aggressive liquids can remove pain and anti-reflective coating from your monitor.

Prepare a universal cleaning fluid by mixing equal amount of white vinegar and water. You can also use this mixture to clean other equipment.

3. Get rid of scratches.

Get rid of scratches

Toothpaste are also good at removing scratch marks but make sure you are not using gel paste or paste with large abrasive or whitening particles.


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