7 Math Hacks You Wish You Learned In School

Math Hacks

There is a method to find madness of mathematics of how they look. The numbers in the universe can make sense but here are few hacks which you can use to impress friends.

1. 9 Times Tables

Write the equations for 9 time table. You can 10 numbers in sequence from zero through nine . Third, write 10 numbers in sequence from zero through nine from the bottom as the second part of answer.

2. Multiplying By 6,7,8,9, and 10

You can assign numbers from thumbs to pinky and then thumb represet 6 and pinkie represent 10.

For example, 9 X 8, the first digit of the result is the number of fingers from 9 to 8 which is 7.

The second digit is found by multiplying the number of fingers on the left hand by number of fingers on right hand

9 x 8 = 72

3. Memorizing The First 39 Digits Of Pi

You can memorize the three sentences and number of letters in each word which gives first 39 digits of Pi.


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