7 UnKnow Facts About Rohit Sharma That’ll Make You Respect Him Even More

Rohit Sharma is one of the most shining players of young Indian cricket team. On his day, he can smash every ball out of the park. Because of his ability to change the course of the match, he is one of my favorite cricketers.

Rohit Sharma has been through a lot in the last six months-- injuries, surgeries, poor form and then successful comebacks. Here are some unknown fact about Rohit Sharma that'll make you respect him even more.

1. Due to very low family income, his parents send him to live under the support of his relatives in Borivali, Mumbai.

2. His father worked in a transport company and mother was a housewife.

3. After seeing his talent, Rohit's uncle and other relatives contributed a small amount of money to send him in cricket academy. He cricket academy first in 1999.

4. He started off as an off-spinner but his coach Dinesh Sad converted him into a batsman


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