7 Secrets Inside The White House That Need To Be Revealed

In case you're bad with remembering addresses, let us remind you that 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC isn't just any normal or office space, instead, it has been the home and office to the various Presidents of the United States Of America over the years. From Roosevelt to Bush, from Lincoln to Kennedy and from Obama to Trump, all of them have resided in this iconic building.

It goes without saying that the home to the President of the biggest nation in the world would also be full of ... well, surprises. Naturally, the security arrangements would be the tightest in the world, and any intruder could never get in there. Not any person, not any media representative can get into the White House without permission and security clearances and because of that reason, it still to this day remains a quite secretive place.

Not anymore, we at WittyFeed would like to tell you about ten such secrets inside the White House.

1. Secret alarms

This goes without saying, doesn't it? The White House, the home of the President, the office of the President would naturally be inundated with secret alarms. And what about the Oval Office? That's one place where the security usually doesn't follow the President so expect him to have a few tricks up his sleeve, it is said that there are triggers in shape of books, the Presidential Seal, and even drawers. So during your next trip, beware or else you might see yourself being cuff-linked by the security forces.

2. Infrared

Gone are the days when movies showed red lines depicting infrared lasers, the hero trying to cross the red maze without touching any of them. Ask the White House guards all about it.

In case you did manage to jump the fence and be out of sight of the guards, it won't take long for the alarm to be triggered thanks to the infrared sensors. They can work in any weather and can detect any person or anything as a matter of fact.

3. Air and water filters

Breaking news: The President drinks water and breathes air the same way as we do!

It is the same, except the fact both can be poisoned, so there are some filters and sensors for both air and water in place in the White House, and the moment it detects any anomaly, it shuts the supply down and uses the internal backup.


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