8 Bollywood Films That You Should Strictly Watch Alone

After Hollywood, Indian movie industry – Bollywood is considered to the biggest in the world. The success of Bollywood has inspired other film industries. Bollywood films are full of Entertainment, action, drama, emotion, romance, comedy all in one. Bollywood films create a buzz among youth. In short, Bollywood rules hearts of billions of movie buffs worldwide.

Bollywood films are one of the best ways to reunite with families and friends but here are few movies you definitely prefer to watch alone.

1. Ragini MMS 2.

A 2014 movie Ragini MMS 2, starring beautiful and sexy Bollywood sweetheart Sunny Leone has shocked the industry because of the bold avatar of Sunny Leone. The movie is sensuous paranormal film, shot as if in real time! This movie is aspired to be a combination horror and hotness.

The terrible chemistry between the young couple, Ragini and Uday within the movie certainly won’t help you out of this awkward situation.

In other words, this movie had everything that it cannot be digested by you when you are with your family.


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