These 8 Signs Show That You Might Having A Baby Girl

If you are a pregnant mom then you may wonder that whether you will give birth to a baby boy or baby girl. Common sense says that increasing the chances of having a boy or girl is actually a old wives tales. Is there any truth to the stories. Is it possible to predict that you'll become a mother of baby girl.

Symptoms of Baby Girl During Pregnancy

There are certain symptoms which may indicate that your little bundle of joy is actually a baby girl.

1. Higher Heart Rate

Heart Rate When the doctor examines the heart rate of the baby and finds it above 140-160 beats per minute. Then, it indicates that bundle of joy will be actually a baby girl. This method is semi scientific and risk free to determine the gender of the infant.

2. High or Low

High or Low If you are carrying high during pregnancy then it indicates that you are pregnant with a baby girl.

3. Severe Morning Sickness

Severe Morning Sickness If there is a morning sickness then it is a sign of having baby girl. Researchers have analysed that morning sickness is more in case of girls than boys.


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