9 Pictures Captured Just A Moment Before Disaster 

In the age of internet oversharing of the photographs, the photographers have given us such inspirational photographs which will make you think about disastrous outcomes when having fun with your loved ones.

So let your creative ability run wild and roar with laughter while watching these photos which were taken just before the calamity stroke their doorstep.

The Trip and Slip

Trip and Slip

Who says, young ladies can't stroll on water, see she is flying on muddy water!

The Bar Waiter

Bar Waiter

Whoa! Keep an eye out man! You ought not rest and walk while at work!

The Big Party Celebration

Big Party Celebration

On somebody's huge gathering festivity, a few jerks get tipsy past their breaking point and attempt to do supernatural traps like dropping a straightforward drink, while taking a gathering picture.

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