He Was Abandoned By His Parents For Being Too Ugly But The Story Has Another Unpleasant Twist

It's sufficiently hard to be a child in today's world especially if your parents have decided to not to be part of their lives. You'll feel crushed, itn't that so?

That is precisely what happened to Jono Lancaster. His story is underneath, and it will basically astonish you.

Jono has Treacher Collins Syndrome.

That implies he was conceived without a portion of the bones in his face and with impaired hearing.

What he learnt in his life is to simply remain positive.

Jono's not dismal about this. He says he's fortunate, as many people with Treacher Collins require up to 70 isolate surgeries to make their lives tolerable.

His parents didn't care about him and abandoned him.

His parents chose they couldn't manage his condition and they dumped him with social service only 30 hours after his introduction to the world. He was later received by a lady named Jean Lancaster.

It was at school that Jono learned he wasn't the like the other guys. "They'd pull their eyes down, or flee, shouting that they'd contract my ailment. I'd ask Jean for what valid reason they did that, and she'd cry. At that point I felt regretful that I'd made my mother cry."


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