Amazing Hair Mask To Grow Your Hair in Week

Hair Mask To Grow Your Hair

If you want to grow your hair in fastest manner then you need to apply the hair mask. If your hairs are thin and you have applied lot of techniques to grow your hair but it didn't work. So, you need to apply hair mask consistently.

Miracle Hair Mask To Grow Hair In 7 Days

Miracle Hair Mask To Grow Hair

You need to understand why this mask will work for your hairs. One of the main ingredient for face mask is banana which is high in vitamins and minerals. The banana inject natural oil in hair shaft and makes it stronger. It helps to cure breakage.

The vitamins E,K,C,B1,B2 and B6 in honey are super beneficial and helps to cure scalp and hair cuticle.

The banana and honey combine with other ingredients to form a mask which will give lot of vitamins and minerals to the hair to cure the breakage of hair.



1 banana

1 egg

1 tbsp honey

1/2 cup black beer


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