When They Got Home, The Parents Found Their Son Beaten By The Nanny! But The Worst Happened Later

American couple Joshua Marbury and Alice Quinn are a happily living couple. They have a baby named Jacob. Once they decided to go on a date. They left their 1-year-old son in the care of the babysitter. When they returned, Alice noticed something unusual.

Couples heard that their son was crying.

When they entered the house, they found nurse was babysitter was sleeping.

Jacob was left with bruises on the head

Joshua and Alice found their son covered with bruises on the head. Parents immediately called the police. The matter was clear that the nurse is responsible for Jacob's this condition. Next day they filed a case in the court against nanny. The shocking part is that the judge found no compelling reason to punish the nurse.

vThe babysitter who brutally abused one-year-old baby was not charged because the baby boy wasn’t able to tell police what happened.

Shocking, but true! According to local law, the verdict can only be granted if Jacob gives indication that the nurse is responsible for this.


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