9 Things You Are Doing Wrong While Bathing

We used to bath daily as we want to keep our body clean. Bathing activity is used to keep the body free from pollution and infection. There are things which we should not ideally do when we take a bath.

1. Do not wax or shave before having a bath

If we wax or shave the body before bath then it will increase the pore size which will give dry and dull skin.

So, you need to shave or wax the body after bath.

2. Do not scrub too much

Girls believe that if there is too much scrub applied on the face then it will make the skin fairer. If you scrub is used too much then it will remove the top layer of skin which may lead to infection.

3. Leaving the body scrubber after use

We can leave the scrubber unhandled in the washroom and if we use it again then it will cause itching in the body.


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