Beauty Hack Fails That Will Make You Say “Me”

Makeup is considered as magical gift and the women's cannot imagine life without makeup. There are women's who don't know how to do makeup properly but there are few women's who are expert in this.

Usually, there are numerous hacks which are displayed in internet and are related to lifestyle, decor, kitchen hacks. There are list of hacks which you must try to make your life comfortable.

1. How to fix a broken lipstick?

You will end up melting the lip shade. If you don't want to use new lipstick then you can take the lipstick which you want to throw.

2. That is why we attempted it!

You can get a new lipstick.

3. How To Get Rid of Tired Eyes With Red Lipstick?

You can apply lipstick which you can mix with concealer and blend it nicely. It will eliminate the eye bags and you will look fresh.

4. When I Tried

I tried to apply red lipstick and then apply concealer so you would not be able to get rid of redness.


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