Best Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easy Again

Life Hacks

The iron start malfunctioning just before an important meeting, you tear your jeans the day after you buy it, stuck zipper, etc is some of the very common problems one can face anytime. But do you know that you can fix it with some genuine life hacks?

We at feedthread bring some of the Genuine Life Hacks that can help you stay calm. Check them out:

1. No need to try jeans to find proper fitting.

jeans fitting Here are 2 ways to find perfect jeans size for you without actually trying them:

a. Try to wrap the ends of the waistband around your neck. If you can do it easily with your new jeans then it perfectly fit for you.

b. Measure the waist size with a bent arm. Jeans will fit you perfectly if it fit on your bent arm (from elbow to fist).

2. Damaged your wooden furniture?

wooden furniture No problem. Rub a walnut on damaged wooden furniture to cover up dings.

3. Remove stains from suede shoes.

Remove stains Use stale bread to remove stains from suede shoes.

4. Not having the enough space to fill your bucket from sink

bucket from sink Use a dustpan to fill the bucket.


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