I Bet You Can Not Spot The Differences In These Images. Can You?

Spotting the difference between a pair of photos is a game that we have always loved. It's something that we've always enjoyed since the time we were kids. You do remember solving puzzles every morning and waiting for the newspaper guy to grab it first, don't you?

Well, if you thought that those days are behind you now, you thought wrong and today we are giving you another chance to revisit those days without waiting for that morning newspaper. Because here we are today with a set of the same kind of photos that require you to spot as many differences as you can, just like the old times! But just because it has been so many years doesn't mean that it has become a tad bit easier than it was back in our childhood days.

So go ahead, and try to spot the differences, and see if you still got it in you!

The black and white

You wish the differences were also as simpler as differentiating between white and black. But, no, if the puzzles were that easy then there would be no sense left and you wouldn't be able to challenge yourself. Don't forget to spot the floral design in the right one, consider that as your first clue in a series of many.

Let's raise the bar a bit

How many differences were you able to spot in the first picture? Well, the following image collection is made in such a way that each picture has minimum 5 differences there to spot. Can you spot all? Tell us in the comments section but before that don't forget the task at hand. The image you see is Grauman's Chinese Theatre and as another clue, there's a window missing in the right part of the picture.

Some family time

When remembering the old times, you cannot forget the good times you had with your family and all the help you took from brothers and sisters in solving one of these. Here's your chance to again relive those days. Share this with your family and see how good you are. Sorry, no clue this time. But in for the next picture, there's one waiting for you because it's hard.


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