Blue Part Of Eraser Is Not For Erasing Pen Marks

While many of us were going through middle school, the mysterious ink erasing rubbers were released. How could pen ink be as easy to remove as pencil lead? Were the pen makers at making animal sacrifices to pagan gods?

Before that, we had the two-sided eraser. Most people believe the blue side was made to remove pen ink, but that's not the original intent. Let's dig out the reality.

#1 The Double-Sided Pink-Blue Eraser

We were raised to believe the blue side of the eraser was used to remove ink and the pink side was for normal pencil lead.

#2 The Blue Side Erased Pen Pretty Well

This is what the pink side looks like compared to the blue side. It does a fine job of erasing pen mark, but that is not the intended purpose.

#3 The Pink Side Was For Pencil Lead

The pink side is used to erase pencil, as we were taught. But pink is the delicate side used on light paper so it won't tear away so easily.


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