Bring Your Hands Together, Do Your Heart Lines Match Up? If So, Then What it Means!

Palmistry is an ancient art which is originated in India and spread across Asia, Europe, and North America. Palmistry helps to know more about the person about whom one is reading. The heart line is a noteworthy line which is located below the base of the fingers.

It tells a lot about the love life and about your relationships. You don't need to pay to read the heart line but you can learn by yourself.

Place your hands side by side. Do your love lines match or touch one another when palms are perfectly aligned? Are they little bit crooked?

If right hand line is higher than left line

It means you are wise and lover sort of person. You never care about what the society thinks and might marry a person who is much older than you.

You don't prefer the traditional rules of the society and prefer things which are stranger than what most people are use too.


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