What Your Chin Reveals About Your Personality

It is believed that the chin is the reflection of your personality. The manner in which you carry the chin shows the manner in which your carry the class. You must have heard the slang "Keep your chin up". The purpose of this slang is to avoid giving negative vibes as it affects our personal life. Let's check the information our chin gives about us.

1. Square Chin!

Square Chin

People who are having square chin are very aggressive in nature. They like to put others down and fail to win the heart of others. They are self-centered in nature and are very stubborn to fault.

2. Short and narrow chin!

Short and narrow chin

These people are sharp minded and intelligent. They are not good at self-introspection but are quite unstable and critical.

3. Protruding chin

Protruding chin

The people with protruding chin are workaholic, sensitive and are very self confident about themselves.


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