Cruel Pregnant Women Hit Her Unborn Child With Hammer

The Internet has without a doubt associated the people with each other, yet it has a source of evil influences. Some videos. A few recordings are turning into a web sensation on the web, of ladies attempting to demonstrate their unborn youngster as extreme and solid inside their womb. What's more, to demonstrate this, ladies are hitting their unborn flesh with a hammer.

Heather Thorpe shot hitting her infant with a hammer.

Ms. Thorpe lifted up her dress, got the hammer and disgustingly began hitting her stomach with a hammer. She did it so severely; that infant could've died inside the belly. How can a mother turn out to be so cruel?

Another lady spotted after Ms. Thorpe.

In the wake of watching Ms. Thorpe's video on the web, this pregnant woman took the hammer in her hand and began doing likewise.

Soon it has begun trending on the web.

Also, these recordings of a lady hitting her unborn youngster with a hammer have turned out to be viral. Individuals around the globe are miserable, while some of them can't trust how a mother can do this to her child.


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