The Difference Between Salaries Of Indian & Pakistani Cricket Players Will Make You Feel Proud

As we all are huge fans of cricket. A few days ago when Pakistan won the ICC Championship trophy 2017 from India, they were rewarded by firstly Pakistan’s Government and after than PCB. Also, Pakistani Cricket Board Association sanctioned a great hike in their salaries.

According to a report and as per 2017-2018 terms and norms, Pakistani Cricket Board gave them a hike of 10 percent in their salaries which will give to all the players of A, B, C and D grade players.

We are happy to hear this news of an increase in Pakistani Cricket Team’s Salary. But also we feel proud to say that, our Indian Cricket Board BCCI is giving four times much salary to our Indian Team as compared to Pakistan team.

According to Indian cricket board association that is BCCI, the players of Indian team who lies in grade A are getting salary approximately 2crores per annum. And B grade players also getting double salary from pakisatni’s A grade team.

Have a look at the complete salary comparison of both teams below-

Team Pakistan’s Salaries

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