Effective Tricks with mouthwash!

People use to keep bottle of Listerine for keeping fresh breath. But, there are many different applications of Listerine. It was initially used as a disinfectant and later used as a mouthwash after that.

Reduce body odor

Have you ever run out of deodorant and don't have a replacement on hand. You can pour a little bit of listerine on to cotton swab and then apply it to arm pits. There will not be any smell of body odor.

As a disinfectant

Listerine is used to keep the homes clean and sterile . If you put mouthwash into toilet so it will clean the toilet and give nice smell.

Soothe mosquito bite

If you are bitten by mosquito or small bite then it will cause the itch. You can use listerine to prevent it from scratching the infected area.


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