Have You Ever Wondered What The Lines On Your Wrist Mean?

Every one of us have got bracelet lines on our wrists which are formally known as Rascette lines.

These lines are not for decorations only but they represent many things which we are not medically aware of. So, here are the meaning of appearance of these bracelet lines on you and your overall health.

These bracelet lines must indicate about our health conditions as each line has a message to decipher.

Your life can be calculated here.

The number of bracelet lines will indicate how long your life is.

The first bracelet line

Normally, the first line is a unbroken and it points towards 23-28 years of lifespan. If it is a deep line then it represents good health otherwise the unclear one will show recklessness.

If you are a woman and your first bracelet line is broken or seems to be curvy then it represents the gynaecological issues. So, you might have child birth problem or issues related to menstruation.

If you are a men then such a curvy or broken line could mean problems in prostate or issues related to reproduction.

Second Bracelet Line

If you see second bracelet line then your age span would be atleast 46 years old or 56 years old. A straight second line is indication of having prosperous and happy life.


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