Facts About Normal Vs C-Section Delivery, All Women Must Know

We all know the delivery of child and the procedure to carry out to deliver the child. There are different ways in which the child is delivered such a normal or caesarean. A normal birth is preferred than c-section and is a natural way of giving birth. C-section helps to give delivery when there is surgical operation of mother's abdomen and uterus.

There is difference between Normal Vs C-Section Delivery

1. The women who have given birth by normal method have normally bowel or urinary incontinence than women who have C-section delivery.

2.If the size of baby is larger than woman's pelvis then C-section delivery is preferred.

3. A c-section is preferred when the baby is not in a heads-down place and can’t be turned other way round in anyway.

4. If the baby has any malformation or abnormality then the norml birth is risky.


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