Few Things Which We do Secretly

Sometimes we do things which are wrong but we continue to do so. There is nothing wrong in doing things secretly but there should be correct way to do so. When we do things again and again then it becomes habit and we don't consider that it should be done in correct way. So, there are list of things which we are doing wrong but it needs to be corrected.

1. Social media stalking

Sometimes, you browse your friend's post without leaving a comment or a like. It is morally wrong as it is a kind of bullying.

2. Practicing poses in front of a mirror

You can have same pose or facial expression in every photo. You must have prepared for this moment.

3. Constant pep talks in front of your mirror

If there is inspirational message then it is fine. But if you start having conversation then you should take the help of professional.

4. Going through a friend's medicine cabinet

You should respect the privacy of others.

5. Peeing in the Shower

You should never pee while taking shower.


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