How To Fix A Broken Nail

broken nails

You've developed, filed, and buffed, and lastly, every one of your nails are a similar length. Be that as it may, then you feel a little obstacle and simply like that, your manicure dreams are crushed. In some cases broken nails happen and you feel irritated and want to do some treatment for your nails. It sucks and it's miserable, yet the best thing to do is to fix it so that the nail grows fast.

There are heaps of approaches to settle a broken nail with paper, teabags, and so forth. Luckily, we have a very simple way to mend the tear in your nail: a tea bag. Furthermore, here's the manner by which it's finished.

Supplies you'll require: Nail stick, teabag, scissors, tweezers, nail file or buffer block, orange wood stick, and base coat.


Start with plain nails.  Ensure your nails are perfect i.e. no base coat is applied.

Step 1:

Cut the teabag. Ensure you slice it near the length and width of the break in your nail.


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