This Is What The Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Mean

Half Moon Shape On Your Nails

Our nails aren't only a group of dead cells intended to finish and display nail art with matching garments. They are an essential piece of our body since nails convey side effects of numerous diseases, including cancer. Try not to stress; we're not here to panic you this time!

Have you seen a crescent-shaped whitish region at the bed of your fingernail while trying to stop biting nails? It isn't only a region of shade change under the nails; truth be told, it is a very touchy area, and you ought to ensure it doesn't get harmed.

This whitish half-moon on the nails is very delicate and must be taken care of.

half-moon on nails

This crescent-shaped whitish area is called "lunula" which implies small moon in Latin.



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