What Happens If You Freeze Lemons

Lemon can stop many diseases such as stop progression of tumors especially for people who are suffering from breast cancer. Lemon contains the unique element Lemonoids and its effect is amazing.

Lemon peel has got more vitamins than actual lemon juice.

There are many anti-carcinogenic agent which helps to detoxify the body and eliminate worms, parasites, fungi and bacteria.

Now you can eat lemon peel.

If you are surprised by the fact that how can you eat lemon peel then there are techniques to do that. You can wash a lemon and then put it in freezer. cut the lemon into small pieces and then freeze it afterwards. When the lemon gets frozen then grind it, grate it and then sprinked the peel into your favorite drinks, ice creams, pasta, salads or desserts.

This would help to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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