What Happens When You Put Your Dress In The Dead Sea For Months?

The Dead Sea is known as the world's saltiest body of water. Its salinity is so high that it stops the growth of many plants and prevents them from flourishing.

Soaking in the salt and minerals in the Dead Sea has got various health benefits but think about the condition of a garment immersed in the dead sea for a prolonged period of time.

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau submerged a black gown in the Dead Sea for the project titled " Salt Bridge".

Salt Bridge

The gown has spent 2 months in the salt rich waters and one can see the stunning pictures of the gown when it was taken from the insides of the dead sea.

Israeli artist has documented the result in her eight part photography series " Salt Bride".

Salt Bride

It has been recently done

The former parts of his series comprised of--

1. Barbed wire- 2009

Barbed wire


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