Health Problems The Moons On Your Nails Warn You About

The moons on the nails is called as lunula. Mostly it is unnoticed but it is found normally in everyone's nails. One can know the information related to health through this lunula.

When a lunula changes on one finger

It is the white present shaped area on the finger which takes one-fifth of nail. If there is change in finger nail then it will indicate the health problem.

A lunula on the little finger

It will provide information about digestive system. If the lunula gets increased then it will indicate high blood pressure.

The ring finger

The lunula on ring finger indicates reproductive system and hormonal balance. Those women who have lunula on ring finger will most probably have the hormonal imbalance and irregular menstruation cycle.

The index finger lunula

The index finger shows the problems related to excretory system and nervous sytem. Once the problems with intestine gets cured then the lunula will not be seen on index finger.


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