Helix Tattoos Are the Weirdest Trend In Minimalist Tattoos

Helix Tattoos

Keep in mind when you at long last got your ears pierced in center school just to discover that twofold piercings were all of a sudden the pattern? Furthermore, when you got twofold piercings, you found that ligament piercings were the pattern? Furthermore, when you declined to get ligament piercings for a considerable length of time and rather spent a little fortune on dainty ear sleeves to fake the look, some mean pioneers chosen to switch the pattern once more? That is correct, it's going on. People, meet helix tattoos, the new pattern in ear "adornments," which is not so much gems but rather more a-genuine tattoo-bended around-your-ear.

1. It is interesting.

New and interesting ear designs have turned out to be progressively famous as of late. Penetrating patterns like "Group of stars Piercings" (different studs put near each other on the flap) and daith rings had .a noteworthy minute in 2016.

2. Musical Art.

In the interim, the less-changeless ear cosmetics flown up on runways, as Proenza Schouler, Anthony Vaccarello, and Louis Vuitton.

3. Freehand cartilage tattoo.

Despite the fact that helix tattoos most likely won't ever thoroughly supplant piercings


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