Hulk-Man Exists And Looks More Muscular Than The Movie Version

Hulk Man

There are many fictional superheroes of Hollywood which we have found in real life too. You can meet Sajad Gharibi, who is a professional powerlifter and weighs 175 kg and is a real Hulk.

There are many bodybuilding competition in which he has participated in his country.

He has got popularity and was compared to fictional superhero 'The Hulk'.

He wanted to become a soldier and like to join the forces against ISIS.

Meet Sajad Gharibi who is 24 -year-old and weighs 175kgs.

Real Life Hulk

He can lift about 400 pounds and is known as "Iranian Hulk". He has gained enough popularity due to his extraordinary physique and massive muscles.

Iranian citizen used to call him "Persian Hercules' due to his huge personality.

Persian Hercules

He is known for not having neck.



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