IPL 2018 : A Great News For All The Cricket Fans

IPL season is certainly the most favorite time for cricket fans of the entire year. It is also the most glamorous cricket tournament so far. IPL also provided some good players for Indian cricket team. Each season its management committee introduce new things of the game more interesting. From the time of commencement till now this tournament has changed a lot.

IPL management committee is all set to make this cricket tournament more transparent by introducing Decision Review System (DRS) in its upcoming edition. As we all know that in modern day cricket, DRS is the major part of the game and due to that the decisions are now more accurate and well.

A BCCI official said,”This is the first time that such a DRS specific workshop has been conducted for BCCI umpires. Technology is definitely going to play a key role in umpiring decisions in the future. So there has to be awareness among the umpires regarding DRS. As of now, there hasn’t been any decision taken on having DRS this IPL. But there’s still time.”

As we all know that the two champion teams Chennai Super Kings and the Rajasthan Royals will be back in the action after the two-year suspension. So the DRS will be a great boost for all the teams for the accurate umpiring.


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