Kissing Style Reveals Secrets About Your Relationship

Kissing Style

1 Single-Lip Kiss

Single-Lip Kiss

The single-lip kiss tells about the true lip. You can instead of having aggressive lips can focus on partner’s lips at a time. It is shared experience which involves deeper love for one another.

2.Cheek Kiss

Cheek Kiss

If you like someone then you will convey cheek kiss to someone. Rather than diving right in the mouth, you can have a gentle kiss on the cheek of the person. The cheek kiss shows friendship and affection. You can have romantic feeling for the other person which shows the true fondness towards her.

It shows that friendship still exists between them.

3. Closed Mouth Kiss

Closed Mouth Kiss

This kiss shows that they are not 100% intimate with one another. They keep their lips close and does not allow moisture to touch. The kiss is a longer relationship and it needs the communication needs to be improved.


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