Being Labeled ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’ Changed Her Life In Amazing Manner

World’s Ugliest Woman

Lizzie Velásquez was conceived with neonatal progeroid disorder, an uncommon hereditary infection influencing her heart, bones, and eyes. It additionally keeps her from putting on weight. Velásquez was conceived on March 13, 1989 in Austin, Texas.

She said she was continually harassed growing up due to the way she looks. She concedes her Roman Catholic childhood has helped her stay solid and positive. "It's been my stone through everything, simply having room schedule-wise to be separated from everyone else and ask and converse with God and realize that He's there for me," she says.

She says her folks treated her with affection all through her childhood.

World’s Ugliest Woman Lizzie didn't know she was distinctive till she got to kindergarten.

The children would not like to sit close to her and pointed at her.

World’s Ugliest Woman When she revealed to her folks what was going on in school, they guaranteed her she was commendable. "There is nothing amiss with you, you are recently littler than alternate children. You are delightful and savvy and can achieve anything," Lizzie says they advised her.


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