Do You Live in One of These 15 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women on Earth?

As you know the world has 195 countries. And their and many states and cities in these countries. But do you know which country of the world has most beautiful girls? I think every person has different answers of this question according to their choices and their tastes. But today we are going to tell you about the countries that have beautiful and adorable girls. We made a list of these countries according to a research.

There are certainly some countries in the world that appear to be more filled with stunning females than others. So Let's have a look at it:-

15. Philippines

Philippines is the country, where there are many good looking girls born. In the Philippines girls have long and dark hairs. Their smile and nature is really awesome.

14. United Kingdom

British Girls are lovely with a good mixture of color and looks. They are defined as attractive and smart, highly educated, and with good taste when it comes to fashion. UK is one of the top producers of models and famous celebrities these days. So it is the country of beautiful girls and lies in number 14 of our list.

13. Australia

The magnificent, friendly and carefree identities of Australian Girls tend to make them considerably all the more engaging. Their great looks vary extensively, from blonde delights to dashing brunettes.


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