Mahendra Singh Dhoni Doesn’t Have A Tattoo And The Reason Behind It Will Surprise All His Fans!

Mahindra Singh Dhoni is an Indian hero. We all know him that he was captain of Indian Cricket Team. He made many sixes and centuries in his career. He is the man who led the team towards victory in many terrible conditions. He is an awesome batsman as well as wicket keeper. He is apple of everyone's eye. Thanx to BCCI who gave us this stunning player as well as good human being.

Dhoni’s all friends have tattoos on their bodies but Dhoni never used to make tattoo.

You will surmise that how does that even make a difference and we've gone insane. Indeed, we concur that not having any tattoo is the slightest essential thing to talk about MSD, yet the purpose for not having one is clearly fascinating, or peculiar, we must say.

Well according to a report we came to know that Dhoni has a great fear of syringes and he gets frightened with even mention of it. But it is Doctor’s hand or in artist’s hand when it comes to handling needles or syringes he lacks the courage.

Maano ya na Maano, but it is true fact that Mahendra Singh Dhoni whose name is enough for other country’s players. But he himself scared of needles and syringes. It seems like funny that a great batsman and wicket keeper has a fear of such small things.

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