How To Make Old Denim Look New

We wear denim at any day to look smarter and comfortable. One can wear denim with any kind of tops which can be stripped, floral, tank tops, jerseys and formal shirt. When you want to appear sleek and chic then you wear denim. It is difficult to rip and tear. You may have got jeans with a period of ti me which can look out of fashion.

There are few techniques to how to make old denim look new.

1. Squeaky Clean Jeans

It is not necessary to wash your jeans often to remove the bad odours or sweat smells. You need to pack the denim in a zip lock bag and freeze it overnight to get rid of bacteria. This will not only remove the bad odour but will make the jeans squeaky and clean.

2. Save your jeans from bleeding

When you buy dark shade of jeans, it bleeds over a period of time. You can soak the jeans in salt and water solution and prevents the fading of jeans.

3. Make Your Legs Appear Longer in Denims

You need to cuff your jeans to look taller than actual height.


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