These Makeup Illusions Are So Good That You Can’t Distinguish Reality From Fantasy

Dain Yoon loves to freak her Instagram supporters. The makeup artist doesn't make a difference beauty care products on models to stroll down runways; rather, she makes brilliant and striking visuals. The Seoul, South Korea master applies watercolor cosmetics and paints to help her actually mix into her surroundings or make optical deceptions.

Her 39,000 online networking devotees frequently remark on how her creations make them feel lightheaded. Yoon concedes drawing out her work additionally makes her lightheaded. When you see her work, it won't come as an amazement to discover that the 22-year-old is an student at the Korean National University of Arts.

Here she paints one hand all over while the other hand mixes with her hair and eye.

1 Yoon began using people as her canvas in light of their "multidimensional attributes." Every work of art is meticulously point by point.

Yoon began

2 It's difficult to tell who was the motivation; Yoon or the painting onthe wall. She called it "a me inside me."

painting onthe wall


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