Method To Use Castor Oil To Grow Eyelashes

Grow Eyelashes

The most essential part of woman beauty is eyes. There are many beauty benefits for castor oil. The castor oil has got anti bacterial and anti fungal properties so it add beauty to your eyes. There are some basic nutrients such as vitamin E, minerals, proteins which is essential for growth of eyelashes.

This is necessary to cure the problems related to eyelashes and inflammation related to skin. It adds shine and texture to your eyelashes and not only promotes the re-growth of hair.

Castor oil eyelash massage

Castor oil eyelash massage

You need to wash the face well with water and then dip mascara brush into castor oil and then apply it into inside layer of eye lashes. You can remove the extra castor oil using cotton. Leave it for overnight and wash it with water in morning. You will see amazing results.


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