What Does A Mole On Your Body Say About Your Personality?

Chinese and Indian astrologers believes that just like palm line, the moles and their location on body tell a lot about one's personality.

Moles can grow on any body part and all these locations have different secrets and interpretation about your future. Let's find out what it means in your case.

1. Moles on the chin or mouth.


Moles on the chin and near the mouth is a sign of beauty. People having mole at this place usually live a balanced life.

2. Mole on right part of forehead.

Mole on right part of forehead

You have best chances to become successful and famous.

3. Moles on the cheek.

Moles on the cheek

Having mole on the right cheek shows that the person has sensitive nature. If the mole is located on left side, it means person is introvert.

4. Moles in the nose.

Moles in the nose

Moles on shows that the person is short tempered and flirty in nature.


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