A Mother Got The Doctor’s License Revoked After Becoming An Octomom

You must have heard stories of women giving birth to more than 3 children at a time. Today, this story is about a woman who has given birth to octuplets at a time. The name of first octuplet is called as Chukwu and he was born at 1998. But, he died soon after the birth.

Natalie Suleman made the next attempt of giving birth to octuplets and was resident of california.


She was married to Marco Gutierrez in 1996 and was unable to give birth to child. Due to this, she got divorced but she didn't feel disheartened and opted for In Vitro Fertilisation(IVF).

She took treatment in 1997 and had got first boy child in 2001. Later, she uses her remaining embroyes and gave birth of remaining children.

Against the norm

At age of 33, only three embroyes are permitted and not more than that are allowed. The Dr Michael Kamrava helped to fulfill her wish. Due to transfer of 12 embryos, the board revoked the license of doctor.

Major Protests

She has received death threats and was argued that she was incapable to financially secure her children.

Unemployed Mother

She was jobless and was not considered sensible enough to produce children.


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