If Your Nail Paint Changes Color When Dipped In A Drink, Call 911 Right Away…..!

Colour changing nail paint. Waaoh!!! Have you ever thought that nail paints would SAVE OUR LIFE ever!, Nail paints are nothing more than a fashion commodity, this was the prime reason they were invented for. Their evolution from glossy to matte to gel, nail art oriented features have impressed us to a great extent, and this includes many more trends to impress us . Nail paints have been a life saving technique now . Have you ever thought that a nail polish could someday save your life.

Read on to learn more about this interesting idea.

The colour changing nail paint.

Branded as Undercover Colors, this nail paint is a little peculiar. Unlike normal nail paints, this peculiar nail paint changes color when dipped in a certain kind of a drink, which tells the reality of the drink .

The brains behind it.

A group of four young men (college students ) Tyler Confrey-Maloney, Ankesh Madan, Stephen Gray, and Tasso Von Windheim, decided to develop a nail paint that can detect date rape drugs like roofies. Their aim is to empower women so that they can protect themselves from such nefarious men who desires to do creepy things with women , who wants to just have fun with those ladies with whom they are desiring to . “I think that anything that can help reduce s*xual violence from happening is, in some ways, a really good thing,” Tracey Vitchers


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