Press This Point Near Your Ear For One Minute Everyday To See Its Effect

Everyone of us wants to stay fit. If we are healthy, fat or plump but it matters how we feel about our body. Now a days, people are conscious towards their weight . Some of the people follow the strict workout regime while others believe in dieting.

Help to stay fit:

There is a technique through which you can stay fit without going to the gym. You are not required to take any magic pills also to reduce weight.

Acupressure is a technique which is used to cure various ailments such as nausea, vomiting, lower back pain, headache etc. It is also known as a technique to reduce weight.

This pressure point located near ear.

The pressure point located near the ear is called as ear point or the appetite control point. This part of body can control the hunger through three or more acupressure points in one place.


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