Rachel’s N!pples Were Always Popping Up On ‘Friends.’ This Is Why…

When Jennifer Anniston was asked to audition for the half-an-hour comedy show Friends, it was for the role of Monica Geller, later played by Courteney Cox. Jennifer quickly declined the offer because she wanted to audition for role of the spoiled and naive Rachel Green.

Her portrayal of Rachel made her a household name and America’s sweetheart. Her face was splattered across glossy magazines with gossip stories of who she was dating at the time. Her shaggy and layered haircut even got it’s own name: The Rachel, with women everywhere asking their stylist to copy this 90’s cringeworthy style.

But another notable thing Jennifer made popular during the 10 year run on the show were her n!pples. Yes, if you ever catch yourself watching the re-runs, you will notice Rachel Green’s n!pples are always pronounced and perky.

Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Green from 1994 to 2004. She was the most popular actor from the show.

Neither the actress nor the producers have ever explained the reason behind the n!pples.

Yet, if you look back on the episodes it's very hard to miss. Tank tops, dresses, T-shirts, the nipples are always erect.

We don't think it was to draw the male viewers in, the show was really funny and didn't need that kind of attention.

Rachel Green started off as a waitress on Central Perk and moved to work for Bloomingdale's.

She found her dream job working as a buyer for designer Ralph Lauren.


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