Remember This Viral Photo Of Parents Who Had 6 Babies? This Is How They Look Like Now

Do you remember the Mcghee family viral photograph? This photograph published in 2010 and netizens went crazy. After waiting for 10 years, Mia and Rozonno McGhee finally blessed with baby, in fact blessed with sextuplets.

Lets, check out what are they doing now.

Mcghee family has sextuplets

Seven years ago that is in the year 2010 Mcghee family gave birth to sextuplets. Which was a big record in that year and they captured a photograph which attracts everyone's attention.

A cute pic of this adorable family

The look on Mia's face, she is glad and proud. Simply cannot take my eyes off the consolation on Rozonno and children' faces! *Hearts*

Brian and Janine Killian of Peters Images had been the proud photographers of this snap.

The family gained popularity when the photograph hit social media.

Soon, in 2012, they had a reality show. The show focused on all the minute details of their love life. It highlighted their struggles to balance their hectic home life with the demands of running their carpet-cleaning business.


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