Is Sai Baba Really Appeared In CCTV Camera In Human Form? Check Out To Know

The CCTV recording of the Zahirabad Sai Baba temple on Jan 10th 2014 at 9:05 AM shows an old person appearing like the Shiridi Sai Baba entering the temple through the gate, visiting the idol inside and taking aarti. It is said that he was not seen later and is perhaps the human form of the real Shiridi Sai Baba himself. Snapshots of the ‘Sai Baba’ from the footage also spread online, asking people to forward them to others, or else they would face bad luck.Various local news channels took into the story and analyzed the CCTV footage. As explained in this Telugu news video, if the person who came inside the temple was any ‘unusual’ visitor, it would have grabbed the attention of the temple priest, the devotees, and the temple workers. But none of them were surprised at his visit and the environment was pretty normal. Also, note that a person who appears like the temple’s security official follows the old man looking like Sai Baba.

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