Selena Gomez’s Major Wardrobe Malfunction Showed Way ‘Too Much’

Recently, Selena Gomez unintentionally revealed more than what her fans imagined. This incident took place in Los Angeles. She was there for a promotional event.

Selena chooses an edgy white color top for this event. Her designer top was beautifully flaunting her ribs. She was looking pretty in that dress. But her extravagant outfit failed to hide her private part. Read the full story here:

Selena Gomez in a promotional event in Los Angeles.

The Disney star's thick fabric looking fine from front, but telling a different story from side.


The Texas-born talented singer, actress matched her unmatching 'bare-it-all' with brown hair which hung loosely like a fire upside-down. Along with this, she wore a white 'matching-it-to-top' sandals. And last but not the least, her lips were pink coloured with dark lashes on the eye.


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